Friday, September 30, 2011

Most Amazing Week!

I've had the best week so far..more like 2 weeks actually :D
Started when I won tickets to see ESKIMO JOE at my uni; which made me as giddy as a school girl all week! When Friday came all i was doing was taking picture after picture of the band since we were so close to the stage. I didn't even care about the drunk guy near me wolf whistling every 5 minutes or the girl in front of me complaining for half an hour about the tall guy in front of her.

they played an amazing gig! :D

The entire weekend was spent with the the occasional guy.
Sunday was spent roadtripping in the pooring rain; markets and a quick trip to a few beaches where we got pummeled with more worth it though :).

dinners and movies during the week with the girls where we saw CRAZY STUPID LOVE; & i have to say that i am still in love with Ryan Gosling ;)

& the week isn't even over yet :)

**the only image that is mine is that of ESKIMO JOE. all others are not my property...just randoms off of google.