Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dedicated To my Wolfpack

When hanging with one of my closest friends, Nicole; you never know where you're going to end up. Bored with studying, i joined her for a quick trip to Subway; an hour later we ended up going to the movies..then into town to eat pizza on Bar beach..which is how we ended up beach hopping to Redhead & Caves. Those days/nights...are seriously so random...but that's always how my friendship with her has been. Especially when we get lost on the way to Charlestown maccas and end up 30 minutes in the wrong direction.

...Then there's Sian; Going out with Sian is how i end up broke the next morning; because we've either gone to Warners Bay Hotel or into town. I always know that i've had a good night with her when my feet the next day are numb and my thighs are sore (from a combo of heels and dancing; thats why ive invested in many pairs of flats to go out with her) Sian's a machine, she'll dance, drink, be all around the building in seconds chatting with people. then when it comes to closing all of us are outside chanting soccer anthems with a random Englishman (who by that point has already been hugged by Sian).

Then there is my boy lovin' friend Kirra...she has the stamina to have a marathon with you (and i mean SUPERNATURAL or SCRUBS marathon ;) ) I remember us walking home from the movies one day to her place where we got lost and ended up back at hers i think a few hours later with a couple of bowls of icecream with milo on top and the Chipmuncks movie.

i have the best memories hanging with my step brother Troy; especially when we were in high school, going for a drive in a free period or lunch break. i can't quite remember. but we got to subway and some how we went to eagles boys where troy drove half his car over the cement block in the carpark, Nicole was in the backseat and we couldn't stop laughing because once he'd done that, Troy spotted an old woman driving her car and raced after her...we ended up following her all the way to Swansea.

Winter Playlist.,

ADELE- set fire to the rain
Rachael Yamagata- be be your love
John lee Hooker- boom boom
Angus & Julia Stone- mango tree
Sophia Fresh Feat. T-Pain- this instant
Brooke Fraser Feat. Aqua Lung- who are we fooling?
Brooke Fraser- ice on her lashes
Bethany Joy Galeotti- elsewhere
Bob Evans- me & my friend
Foo Fighters- times like these
Foo Fighters- learn to fly