Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brand New Day


One day you could be looking

Through an old book in rainy weather

You see a picture of her smiling at you

When you were still together

Or you could be walking down the street

And who should you chance to meet

But that same old smile you've been thinking of all day?


Why don't we turn the clock to zero, honey I'll sell the stock, we'll spend all the money

We're starting up a brand new day

Turn the clock all the way back

I wonder if she'll take me back I'm thinking in a brand new way

Turn the clock to zero, boss

The river's wide, we'll swim across

We're starting up a brand new day

It could happen to you, Just like it happened to me,


-Brand New Day Aly Michalka

**I dont claim any of the images on this page. i dont own them; just randoms off of google.

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  1. This is just wonderful!

    Just came across your blog!